What is CSX? All the quality of Credit Suisse in a single app.

The digital banking offering CSX includes the most important banking services you need for everyday life. 

  • An account that you open directly in the app in less than ten minutes 
  • A Debit Mastercard that allows you to pay in online shops and abroad with no transaction fees
  • A transparent pricing model
  • The possibility to connect your account with TWINT

CSX combines the expertise and reliability of Credit Suisse with the user-friendliness of a mobile app. 



Select your card. You only pay for what you need.

Common Questions

Video Authentication not working on Huawei devices. 


Please have an additional device (mobile, tablet or laptop) present to successfully conclude step 3 (video authentication) of your CSX onboarding process. 


Once you reached the authentication via video call browser window on your Huawei device, please copy and send the URL to another device. Open the URL on the non-Huawei device and conclude the video verification. Once successfully completed, switch back to your CSX App on your Huawei device to continue your onboarding process.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to convert an existing account to a new CSX account due to technical reasons. In order to take advantage of CSX, you will need to open a new client relationship using the Credit Suisse CSX mobile app. Proceed as described below.


Once the account is opened, you can send us an order to close your existing account. Also remember to set up any standing orders and direct debits and to inform employers and/or other people who transfer money to you.


1. Check Software

Make sure that at least iOS version 12 / Android version 6 is installed on your mobile

- Apple iOS: Settings >> General >>  Info >> Software version

- Android: Settings >> About phone >> Software Information


2. Update App

Update to the latest App version from Credit Suisse Direct


3. Start opening

- Log off in Mobile Banking (“More” >> ”Log off”)

- On the login screen select "More" >> "Services" >> "Become a customer" 

- Follow the opening process


You are also welcome to contact us by phone. Please be aware that the opening is only possible via app.

It is very easy to switch from the Basic White Debit Mastercard to the Premium Black Debit Mastercard (or vice versa). You can simply initiate a card switch in your CSX App.


Just click on «Switch card» there.