Seven tips for secure online shopping

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, but it also entails risks. How can you stay safe when shopping online? The best tips for staying safe when shopping online and which payment methods to use.

Anytime, whatever the weather, at home or on the go: You can always shop online. No wonder it's becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. But what online payment methods are most secure? And how can we distinguish between legitimate offers and fakes? Here are some basic rules for online shopping to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The most important tips for shopping safely online

1. Recognize trusted online shops

Take a close look before making a purchase, particularly in the case of smaller and unfamiliar online shops. Trusted online shops often have the following characteristics:

  • Correct language on the page
  • Easy-to-find imprint with the most important contact data of the company
  • Clearly formulated general terms and conditions
  • Client reviews on the page
  • Quality labels such as "Trustedshops"  or Swiss Online Guarantee.

Tip: Be sure to also compare prices, especially if something appears to be a bargain. It should set off alarm bells if a seller is offering an item at a much cheaper price than the competition. Look carefully to see whether the product's quality is what you would expect, or whether you may even be dealing with a fake shop.



2. Protect your data

Check to see that the shop uses encrypted data transmission by looking at the address bar of your browser. If the URL begins with "https://" and you see a small padlock symbol, you are on a secure site. If not, there is a risk that your data will be openly available and visible to unauthorized parties.



3. Use a secure connection

Never make purchases when using public WiFi in a café or train station. In such locations, the transmission of your confidential data may be unencrypted and therefore not secure. Use a secure internet connection when you're at home and use an encrypted hotspot when you're on the go.


Tip: Even when you are using a secure network, it's best to use your browser's private mode when shopping online. Your confidential data is then deleted automatically when you close the window.

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4. Use strong passwords 

Choose a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. The longer the password, the more secure it is. You should also create a separate password for every online user account; this provides optimal protection.


Tip: Password managers generate a unique, strong password for each website. Instead of memorizing a large number of complicated passwords, you only need to remember your master password. Do not write down this password but learn it by heart.



5. Use a secure means of payment

Security is absolutely essential when paying online. For that reason, many people in Switzerland choose to receive an invoice when they order online, which they then pay after an item is delivered. However, using a credit card or Debit Mastercard is even more convenient and at least as secure.


Tip: If possible, use two-factor authentication (2FA) when making a payment. This requires that you confirm the purchase amount through a second channel, such as another app or text message, before your account is debited.



6. Pay securely with your mobile phone

You can now make fast and secure mobile payments. To this end, you should use a trusted app – for instance, one recommended in official app stores. You can store your credit card on apps such as Twint, Apple Pay, or Google Play and use it to make payments. Ideally, you should ask your bank which apps are suitable for payments with your phone.



7. Check items after purchase

If you notice damage or defects or if you have received the wrong product, you should respond quickly and exercise your guarantee rights. Nearly all shops will allow you to return a product within a given period of time as long as it is unopened and still in its original packaging. However, be aware of the costs of return shipment – depending on the shop, you may be responsible for those costs.

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