Travel insurance: travel securely with the right insurance

Well covered on the go. With travel insurance.

Faraway travels while enjoying financial security? Of course. With the right travel insurance. How to choose the right insurance and what it does.

Date: 25.07.2022

Travel insurance. Security while traveling.

Unpleasant incidents can occur quickly while traveling, whether as a result of an accident, theft, or changes in plans. The right travel insurance will cover most of the associated costs. Packages range from luggage insurance and trip cancellation to travel accident insurance. But which to choose? We present what is most important for your travel.

Securing valuables. With luggage insurance.

Oh, how lovely: Finally arrived at the airport, now quickly to baggage claim and then to the hotel – but wait! Where is the suitcase? Theft or damage to luggage quickly spoils the desire to travel. It can also be a financial burden depending on the suitcase contents. The solution: With luggage insurance, you can travel with confidence. Depending on the insurance benefits, you may be refunded the full costs and you will receive support in case of loss. Good to know: Most policies allow you to set a deductible. Ideally, you should select a provider that offers the highest possible scope of benefits. 

Security – even when traveling.

With the CSX Pro credit card, you can relax while traveling. The travel insurance provides comprehensive protection for you and your family in case of trip cancellation or interruptions, as well as in case of illness. With CSX Pro credit cards, you enjoy comprehensive insurance benefits. 


Postpone or cancel your trip. With cancellation insurance. 

Imagine this: You have booked everything and are going on your next business trip. But on the way to the airport, your car gets a flat and you miss your flight. The silver lining: With cancellation insurance, the insured amount is repaid to you. This insurance takes effect if you have to postpone or cancel your trip due to unforeseen events. The reasons for this are many. Illness, political unrest, or family issues can ruin plans. Travel cancellation insurance covers the cost of rebooking or canceling the planned trip. 

Travel accident insurance: Well cared for in an emergency.

Accidents are not limited to performing some exotic sport. Sometimes things happen much differently: an awkward step on the stairs and suddenly an accident happens. Travel accident insurance won’t prevent this from happening, but it will provide the necessary financial protection.


Insurance benefits include medical evacuation and hospitalization after an accident. It simply depends on the service provider. Not every loss event is included in all insurance policies – the coverage can vary depending on the provider. To find the best solution for yourself, read the fine print. And in case of doubt, ask questions directly. 

Travel exclusively and securely. With CSX Platinum.

With CSX, you put together the quote based on your needs and can add what you want. Top tip: With a CSX Platinum credit card, you benefit from comprehensive travel comfort insurance.


In addition, with the American Express® Platinum Card you enjoy around-the-clock access to the numerous features offered by the Platinum Travel & Lifestyle Service.


Furthermore: New customers* receive 45,000 Membership Rewards points. These can be redeemed for exciting rewards or miles from six frequent flyer programs.


Travel medical insurance. Just in case. 

In addition to accidents, serious illness while traveling can result in huge expenses. This includes financial outlays for doctors' visits, hospital stays, and even return transport back to Switzerland. It is not mandatory for statutory health insurance to cover these costs. Depending on the treatment type and travel area, these costs may only be partially reimbursed. Take out insurance before departure and clarify your risk exposure at your destination and where you can get help quickly if needed.

Travel insurance. How to choose correctly.

If an uncomfortable situation occurs while traveling, often more than just reimbursed costs are needed. That's why it's worth comparing individual insurance policies. It quickly becomes clear: The comparison of premiums alone is not enough. Because the services offered by the provider can sometimes differ widely.


When making a selection, it’s best to ask yourself specific questions: Who offers me additional travel information? Who will advance money for the cost of a hospital stay? Knowing what you need for your stay while traveling will simplify the choice of insurance. 

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