CSX Young

CSX Young is the comprehensive digital banking offering from Credit Suisse for everyone between 12 and 25 years of age. It provides all the important banking services you need in your daily life and the CSX Premium Black Debit Mastercard is included. Easy, secure, digital – for free.

1)  At ages 12 and 13, a visit to one of our branches is required to open a CSX Young account.

Premium Black Debit Mastercard

Your CSX Young banking experience

  • Free cash withdrawal from all ATMs in Switzerland
  • Get 20% off «blue» streaming service
  • Enjoy movies at partner cinemas for only CHF 15.-

CSX Young - the details

  • At all ATMs in Switzerland – Free of charge
  • ATMs abroad – CHF 4.75 plus 0.25% of the withdrawal amount per transaction

  • Block and unblock your card for free in the app
  • Blocking your card via helpline – CHF 55.- per card
  • Replacement card – CHF 20.- per card

  • 20% off the monthly price of your «blue» streaming service

  • Movie tickets for only CHF 15.- in all partner cinemas

Identify possible gaps in your pension at an early stage – right on your smartphone. It's easy with CSX Financial Plan in the CSX app. Enter the details of your personal financial situation to create an overview of your pension in just a few steps.


The digital consultant then gives you a forecast of how long your assets will last when you are no longer working and shows you some ways to further optimize your financial planning.


No experience in investing? No problem! With our digital advisor “CSX Invest” investing is now very easy. Answer a few questions about your needs in the CSX App – and you will receive your individual investment strategy with the right product. All products offered are sustainable and meet the highest quality standards in their category. Thanks to the transparent pricing, you do not need to worry about hidden costs.


And this is how it works: Invest an amount of 100 francs or more directly from your smartphone and view the performance in the app. Would you like to invest more? That can be done with just a few taps. If the investment no longer meets your needs, you can switch between products or withdraw your money at any time. If you ever need any help, our support staff is standing by and just a phone call away.


Digital banking solution in one app

Manage your finances with ease


The CSX App is the one-stop solution for all your banking needs. Tailored to your requirements. Digital banking without compromises.


Start your experience with an easy and fast in-app onboarding process in just a few minutes.

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