5 reasons to open a CSX account

Unless we're moving or opening our first account as a young person, most of us have little reason to think about a new banking relationship or adding another account. Starting a new banking relationship with Credit Suisse, however, comes with a number of benefits when you open a CSX account: The convenience of an app combined with a free account and an associated Debit Mastercard, now available at no charge. But aside from the price, why should you open a CSX account?

Thierry Pool
Global Head Digital & Data Marketing

Credit Suisse

1. Becoming a client is very easy

In the past, it could be daunting to step up to the counters in the hallowed halls of bank branches, especially for clients with smaller balances. With the opening of our new Europaallee branch a few weeks ago, we've made banking more approachable and immediate. And we're now taking things even further with CSX: Clients can easily open a CSX account in the app – currently with a video call for client identification purposes, though soon the process will be entirely paper-free. And as soon as you're done, you'll know your new IBAN and you can start to explore the app.

2. The security of a major bank

At Credit Suisse, we have countless IT experts, security architects, and data specialists working for us, ensuring that data is handled securely and that our online and mobile banking meet the highest security standards. We're proud to have received an A+ rating for SSL encryption and website and mobile security from ImmuniWeb® (provider/operator of artificial intelligence for application security) in July 2019. Clients benefit from this level of security with CSX as well, on top of the depositor protection they receive as a matter of course from Swiss banks. 

3. Real support from real people

Everyone knows the feeling: Suddenly, things don't seem to be working, and it makes you nervous – all the more so when it comes to accessing your accounts or using your card for cashless payments. Of course, you want help quickly and would prefer something other than a chatbot. Fortunately, Credit Suisse has hundreds of client service employees who can help answer your questions – including those about the free CSX account – quickly and easily.

4. Feel the pulse of technological developments

Although we can't reveal all of our plans here, the app that's now available for download from the App Store and Google Play or already installed on your smartphone will be continuously enhanced and the CSX product will feature additional functionalities and options over the next several months. You can follow this process on our new website – or as a CSX client. We recommend the latter option and look forward to hearing your feedback about our offering.

5. A true Swiss bank account with a free Debit Mastercard

Why do people in Switzerland need an account and a bank card? To receive salary payments, pay bills, or do their daily shopping safely and hygienically without handling cash. All of these things are possible with CSX ‒ thanks to the bank account with a Swiss IBAN, the app with intelligent payment functionality, and the Debit Mastercard that can be used to make payments from your account online and in shops in real time.

There are surely other reasons to rely on CSX, but ultimately financial matters are a very personal concern. But one thing is clear: Should you take ten minutes to become a Credit Suisse client to benefit from secure mobile banking and from live support when you need help? Of course.

CSX – the all-in-one banking service for every day

It's personal when you need it to be and digital when you want it to be. 

  • Account & card starting from CHF 0
  • Credit cards with attractive benefits, such as cashback
  • Open an account in just a few minutes – without having to make a video call
  • Client service available online, by phone, or in person

Opt for the most flexible banking service in Switzerland now.

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