A personal loan designed to meet your needs

Whether it's for your dream project, for further studies, or to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck. With CSX Credit, it's easy to apply for a personal loan – one that is individually tailored to your needs. 

How to request your personal loan


1. Download the Credit Suisse – CSX app and open a CSX account directly in the app in just a few minutes.


2.  After opening your account, you will find CSX Credit in the navigation of your online and mobile banking under "More > Products/Services > CSX Credit." 


3. Now you can start the digital application process for your loan. 


1. Log in to online or mobile banking. 


2. You will find CSX Credit in the navigation under "More > Products/Services > CSX Credit." 


3. Now you can start the digital application process for your loan. 



Credit approval is prohibited if it leads to excessive debt (Art. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act against Unfair Competition). 

CSX Credit – the details

  • Regular income
  • Minimum age of 20
  • Permanently resident in Switzerland
  • Swiss citizenship, permanent residence permit C, or holder of permit B, L, or G 

  • Credit amount of CHF 1,000 to CHF 250,000
  • Term of 6 to 84 months
  • Annual interest rate of 6.9% to 9.9% (depending on creditworthiness)
  • For homeowners: Annual interest rate of 5.9% to 9.5%4)
  • Loan amount paid out via account transfer after expiry of the 14-day statutory revocation period 

Existing loans can be increased at any time if the prerequisites (positive credit check regarding affordability) are met.

You can defer your monthly payment free of charge twice during the contract term. The contract term and repayment period are extended without additional interest costs.

The replacement and transfer of an existing loan is easy. To do so, enter the change request in the credit application.

1) CSX Credit is offered in cooperation with BANK-now Ltd.

2) Additional payment protection insurance possible. Payment protection insurance is a group insurance policy agreed by BANK-now Ltd., as policyholder, with Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company AG (Helvetia), as insurer. It is subject to the General Insurance Provisions (GIP) of Helvetia.

3) Credit Suisse does not provide advice on non-banking products.

4) Prerequisite: You have been the sole owner or co-owner of a property in Switzerland for at least six months (entry in the land register).

CSX – the all-in-one banking service for every day

It's personal when you need it to be and digital when you want it to be. 

  • Account & card starting from CHF 0
  • Credit cards with attractive benefits, such as cashback
  • Open an account in just a few minutes – without having to make a video call
  • Client service available online, by phone, or in person

Opt for the most flexible banking service in Switzerland now.

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