Invest with a minimal starting capital 

You've never invested before? No problem. With CSX Invest, you can use the CSX App to easily invest money via your smartphone – starting with as little as CHF 100.-. The digital advisory tool assembles a customized investment plan based on the information you provide. It allows you to track the performance of your returns on an ongoing basis, and you can decide at any time whether you want to increase your investment each month – at no extra cost.


Start investing and earn a free CHF 100*? Of course.

For a limited time only!

Invest at least CHF 1,000 now with CSX Invest and we will gift you CHF 100. Download the app now, open your free CSX account, and invest simply and sustainably with CSX Invest.

Terms and conditions

* This offer is valid from September 16 to December 20, 2021, for the first 2,000 new CSX Invest clients who invest an amount of at least CHF 1,000 for at least 12 months in one of the funds offered for CSX Invest. These new clients will be credited with a one-time sum of CHF 100 per person, in addition to the amount invested in CSX Invest. The amount will be credited within 15 working days. Credit Suisse reserves the right to withdraw CHF 100 from the client’s account in the event that the 12-month holding period is not respected. 

CSX Invest – here's how it works

  • Access CSX Invest from the "Credit Suisse – CSX app". In the app click "More," "Save/Invest," and then "CSX Invest."
  • Our digital advisory tool will guide you step by step through the process.

Already a Credit Suisse client?

Are you an existing Credit Suisse client who wants to use CSX Invest?

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CSX Invest - details

You can access the CSX Invest feature via the CSX app or Credit Suisse Direct app. The tool is available only on smartphones.

To use CSX Invest, you must be a Credit Suisse client in Switzerland and be at least 18 years old.

Our digital investment solution guarantees the security of a Swiss bank. Your data and your assets are safe with CSX Invest

Find out more about CSX Invest in our information sheet (PDF)

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Sustainable investments with CSX Invest?

CSX Invest offers you a carefully selected range of broadly diversified top-rate funds that are all actively managed. Every CSX Invest fund fulfills the criteria set by the Credit Suisse Sustainable Investment Framework, meaning whatever fund you select, it’s always sustainable.


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