Can a bank help with sustainability?

We’re on it.

As a financial institution, we aim to help investors put their wealth to work for a more sustainable world. Through our range of sustainable financial products and services, we support investors to start investing more sustainably, without sacrificing financial returns and support corporate clients with their sustainable transition strategies and ambitions.

Three reasons for sustainable investing

Our flagship sustainable funds

Our sustainable thematic, impact-aligned and impact strategies focus on investments in themes and sectors that address specific ESG challenges. Explore a selection of our flagship sustainable funds below.

Fund’s reports

Credit Suisse Rockefeller SM Ocean Engagement Fund 

Credit Suisse Responsible Consumer Fund 

Credit Suisse Environmental Impact Fund

Want to invest sustainably?

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The optimal way to invest. CSX Invest.

Investing in three easy steps? Of course. With CSX Invest, you can tap into the financial markets directly from your smartphone - starting with as little as CHF 100.- with products that impress with their sustainability and high quality.

Professional Wealth Management

You’re looking for a reliable partner to manage your assets. But without sacrificing transparency or security. We will help you invest your assets for the long term. Relax in the certainty that every investment is made with your aims and sustainable preferences in mind.

Protecting the blue economy

A sustainable approach to the economy matters for everyone. Find out more about what we are doing to help investors protect oceans and marine life.


Did you know?


We have signed up to the World Federation of Advertisers’ Planet Pledge, a commitment to using the power of marketing as a force for positive change both internally and with the consumers who buy products and services.

We offset our CO2 emissions for the "We're on it" advertising campaign as well.