Oases of wellness at the airport. The world's best airport lounges.

Before a long trip, relax with an ice-cold drink or take care of business: airport lounges offer the comfort needed. We reveal some of the best airport lounges around the world and what they offer.

Protection against sensory overload: Airport lounges

Who hasn’t experienced it? People rushing, loud phone calls, and bad internet reception. Waiting at an airport can be quite stressful. But not so in an airport lounge. They are oases of wellness away from the airport hustle and bustle and turn the time spent waiting into an exclusive experience. Without a first- or business-class flight, lounge access can cost a pretty penny. However, anyone with a credit card may well have the benefit of a free visit to a lounge. Allow us to present the airport lounges that you can visit free of charge with the American Express® Platinum Card and where you can enjoy special conveniences in a relaxed setting.

From San Francisco to Dubai – the world’s best airport lounges

Here, the culinary arts reign: Wine tasting with an exquisite selection from Napa Valley and California cuisine pamper guests and ensure the highest level of comfort. Cocktails and drinks from top mixologists provide that little something extra. The lounge also has modern workplaces with high-speed internet and showers for freshening up.

Jewel Changi airport is an experience in itself. It has one of the largest interior gardens in Asia and a variety of recreational attractions. It even has an impressive indoor waterfall. The Changi Lounge complements this ambiance with ideal airport access, offering quiet away from the mass of tourists to recharge your batteries or conduct business in one of the video conference rooms.

Premium is in the name. The large lounge is tastefully decorated and offers next-level service. Equipped with flight information monitors and office equipment, the lounge offers the opportunity to conduct important business away from the crowd or to simply relax.

Dubai stands for sand, sun, and luxury. The Sky Team Lounge meets even the highest of expectations. Showers, TVs, and a children's room are showcased in a warm atmosphere allowing dreams of one thousand and one nights. Exclusive food is also part of the refined tone of the luxurious lounge.

Far from the crowds of tourists, Myanmar can be quite relaxing – in the Mingalar Sky Lounge, you feel yourself transported to Myanmar’s mysterious landscape. The elegant interior invites you to linger, and Burmese dishes delight the palate. Individually selectable cocktails and a fee-based spa leave nothing to be desired.

If you love Paris, you will certainly love the Premium Traveller Lounge in Paris Orly. This lounge with its tasteful interiors offers elegance, class, and a touch of French charm. French baked goods and other amenities will sweeten your stay and have you saying: Paris, je t’aime!

¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! You may not be as quick as Speedy Gonzales, "the fastest mouse in all of Mexico," but you can travel from this lounge to your gate in a golf cart. And that's not all: Lounge visitors can take advantage of a shoeshine service as well as hand and foot massages. All while enjoying Mexican specialty coffees.

Tropical feeling in a lounge? Of course. Those who want to savor their Fijian vacation down to the last minute simply have to make their way to this lounge. From exotic plants inside to showers and spa service – the Fiji Airways Premium Lounge will extend your vacation until you finally fly home.

Clean lines and bright colors serve to delight every guest in this lounge. Various seating areas allow for flexible seat selection and offer high levels of comfort. In addition to its exquisite international cuisine, the lounge has a self-service wine bar.

In the picturesque Anfore Lounge, you will enjoy the real dolce vita. Whether before or after your flight, here you can indulge in being far from the loud world outside. The elegantly illuminated lounge will pamper you with a wide range of services: How about a shower before your next flight, or perhaps an espresso?

Precious metal for jetsetters

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